Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dreamworld 4: Tiger Island

It was the tigers that introduced me to Dreamworld. My Auntie had videotaped a program from Animal Planet about Tiger Island. These tigers were all raised with lots of human interaction. In the program these photographed tigers were kittens. Now, they're all grown up and they put on "shows" twice a day.

They use chicken parts as reinforcers. Here the chicken is being tossed in the air. The keepers told us of an unfortunate peacock that flew too low through tiger island and discovered just how well a tiger can leap!

The other reinforcer they used was a carton of milk. That's what is in the trainer's hand in this photograph.

After the big show- nap time. The trainers stay with the tigers. They said they were there to supervise the tigers (naturally solitary animals) and break-up altercations. I wondered just how that was done.

In that original introduction to Tiger Island the viewer watched visitors getting close, even touching the tigers. This was as close as I got. Thank you, Marianna for the tigers and the shirt. Look closely at the sequins- they are quickly jumping to their ends!

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