Friday, November 25, 2011

This year for Thanksgiving

we're having Indian.

(Whatever you do, do not ask me to explain that. Just grin and nod your head...or fall out of your chair laughing.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zombies: The Recent Dead

From Singles 2012

"The dead are dull-witted but canny predators like some form of
flesh-eating math teachers."

from "Twisted," by Kevin Veale.
Really, though, my favorite:

The zombies were like Canadians, in that they looked enough like real people at first, to fool you. But when you looked closer, you saw they were from some other place, where things were different: where even the same things, the things that went on everywhere, were just a little bit different.

from "The Hortlak," by Kelly Link. You can read it here!

Friday, November 11, 2011


From Zuperfliegen

Today there is a initiative to document "One Day on Earth"...sponsored by a group called "One Day on Earth". They are enlisting people from Earth to photograph "the human experience" living 11/11/11.

From their website:

Together, we are showcasing the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one day. We invite you to join our international community of thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools, and dozens of non-profits, and contribute to this unique global mosaic. One Day on Earth is a community that not only watches, but participates.

I've applied to join - albeit at the last minute - and am waiting to hear if my application is accepted. And, while I'm waiting, and waiting for Zupe to wake from his nap and Kevin to finish the last 10 pages of his book and 5 PM to arrive so as to feed my ever-hungry dog, I'm wondering what criteria they apply to make that decision.

I've spent 11/11/11 in a very quiet way. Bathing with Zupe. Doing laundry and dishes. Nursing the baby (repeat/repeat/repeat). Sweeping and mopping. Playing and reading ("Crazy Charlie" and "Good Night Moon"). Taking a few photographs. Checking my email, my Facebook, my blog hoping to connect with the world outside my house.

I've had a wonderful day...even though I didn't get married or give birth or complete a major project. And, I'm hoping that every one of you has too.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

50 Reasons I Love You #43

You are a wonderful photographer and you share many of your amazing pictures with the world.

50 Reasons I Love You #17

You taught me to appreciate the freezer section of the gorcery store (even though we pretty much never go there any more.)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Crime wave continues

From Rain Forest

Damn. Is this an effect of social media scouting, again??? Though I'm pretty sure I didn't post this photo yesterday. I only TOOK it.

That was yesterday morning. I don't remember that I checked when we got home from the rain forest expedition...but this morning when I was out watering (LOWER THE DAM!), there was ne'er a ripe tomato to be seen.

The most likely culprit swears she was under house arrest ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.


An outing to the rain forest!

Thanks to Barb and Stephen's visit, we've (I've) had the Mary Cairncross Reserve on my mind. It is such a cool spot on a hot summer day tucked up in the hinterlands near Maleny. We first discovered the park while touring with Flat Stanley. Funny how that little guy got us out and around! (He was a much easier touring partner that the Zupe-man who is much more opinionated on what he wants. And, significantly heavier to carry around.)

Here's a small selection of our hike. In the opening video you can hear some of the bird calls (as well as the distant call of the elusive Zupe). If you close your eyes you can almost feel the cool shadowland.

No snakes. Only 3 or 4 pademelons. We missed having Barb and Stephen to identify the birds - seen and unseen - for us.

From Rain Forest

From Rain Forest

From Rain Forest

From Rain Forest

From Rain Forest

From Rain Forest

Saturday, November 05, 2011


"What's this? Kevin, look at this mark on me."

Reddish. Squarish. On the inside of my ankle. Petechia? Am I having a true blood disorder? Is it time to panic about all those neutropenic tests???


Lick finger. Rub spot.

"Red beet juice."

From Zuperfliegen

Friday, November 04, 2011

International House of Coffee

From Singles 2011

In anticipation of my friends' (Barb and Stephen) visit, I put a request out into Facebook World for the loan of a coffee maker. I was lucky enough to get one delivered almost the next day.

Wait, did I say one? I meant three: a French Press, an Italian espresso pot, and an Indian coffee maker.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Merci! Grazie! Dhanyavaad!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

It had to be done

From Singles 2011

I had no choice. What-so-ever. None. Sushi had to be eaten.

My calendar says: November 3: Culture Day (Japan)

Bargaining with Terrorists

From Singles 2011

Today I read a headline suggesting that the majority of burglars surveyed used social media to plan their crimes.

Therefore, it is probably a totally bad idea for me to admit this here, but I'm committed. I had already typed the title. I must confess: I totally cave into any demand when either my sleep or Zupe's sleep (which is often my sleep, too) is threatened.


2 AM- I wake up. My mind flips on and I watch time pass. Just as I drift into a dream...
3:30 AM - Zupe wakes up. I get up and feed the baby and then try once more to achieve sleep.
5 AM - Zelda scratches at the bedroom door asking for BREAKFAST. I can either get up and feed her and hope to get back to sleep or I can lie awake listening to her intermittent pleas until Zupe wakes up at 6.

Zelda's supper is at 5 PM. Zupe's afternoon nap is at 3:30. Without fail, just as his eyes fall shut (4ish), Zelda starts her bouncing and yelping at the foot of the bed where he's sleeping. I can ignore her and let Zupe wake up -which means another several minutes of sleep cajoling or I can try to slip away and let her out before her piercing screech penetrates the thin veneer of sleep that now surrounds the baby.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thinking we should become professional gamblers!

From Singles 2010

For the second year in a row, we are victorious on the Melbourne cup!!

Kevin wagered $6 on the office sweep which purchased him 3 horses. One of these horses came in third and paid off $6!!!!

My horse came in second! and the $0 I bet won me $0 more!

Wow! Oh wow!!


My mom told me to write a check. While I still have some checks from Key Bank in Cleveland, there is no one who would cash them here. So, this will have to suffice.

(Be warned - I'm ALSO supposed to write SEVERAL checks and possibly even GET MARRIED on 11/11/11.)


From Halloween 2011
Have you seen this "Jack"?????

He was pumpkin-napped sometime during the morning of November 1st after working hard and burning bright the night of October 31st. (He was there at 9 AM but gone at 1 PM.)

What sort of shameless holiday wrecker steals a jack o'lantern in broad daylight??? And, to the best of my knowledge, this isn't a school holiday. Therefore, it is unlikely to be a kid's prank.


Kevin suggested we might check dumpsters on Thursday evening, locate the mouldering head, carry it to the door, pound on said door then make a citizen's arrest.

Overall, I think there are OK things about this event. I don't have to watch him wither and melt. I don't have to decide at what point of disrepute I toss him in the garbage. And, he wasn't busted into pieces on our driveway. Somebody (maybe) loved him enough to want to experience the thrill of Halloween for themselves. Maybe next year rather than stealing ours, they'll make their own. Maybe there will be two glowing gourds in Brisbane.