Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You can't get better than this!

The music! The costumes! The whistle!!

Let the Right One In

From Singles 2010

A good place. That's what people said to each other over the kitchen table a month or so after they had moved in.

'It's a good place we've come to.'

Only one thing was missing. A past. At school the children didn't get to do any special projects about Blackeberg's history because there wasn't one. That is to say, there was something about an old mill. A tobacco king. Some strange old buildings down by the water. But that was a long time ago and without any connection to the present.

Where the three-storied apartment buildings now stood there had been only forest before.

You were beyond the grasp of the mysteries of the past: There wasn't even a church. Nine thousand inhabitants and no church.

That tells you something about the modernity of the place, in its rationality. It tells you something of how free they were from the ghosts of history and of terror.

It explains in part how unprepared they were.

Have you got a chill yet????? OOOOOOOOOOOO! This book was a thrill - as was the movie. Everyone who has ever loved a ghoul should pick up one or the other!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A musical interlude

My mother sent me off to find the music in a commercial. She told me Toyota and Safety Star System and Rethink the Possible. After mixing and matching I found it was an AT&T commercial with the slogan "Rethink the Possible" - but Toyota and "Safety Star" they do go together but not with the music haunting her : Gene Wilder singing "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". (This seems like the time to come down firmly on the Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka ticket. Sorry Johnny Depp.) Anyway, as YouTube does for me- one thing led to another and so we have today's musical interlude. ENJOY!!!!!!

"There is no place I know ..."

Friday, June 04, 2010

June 5 - what we are not doing

From Singles 2010
National Whale Day! No whales seen in Fitzgibbon. See photo.

Music for Dogs!! Laurie Anderson had a concert this afternoon in Sydney - written just for dogs with primarily dog pitched notes. Damn. I could have swung it, but not with Zelda. And, if you can't take your dog to the first concert written specifically for a canine audience, then what kind of dog lover ARE YOU??? I'm hoping to find something posted on youtube.

A Champion is Declared!!

From Singles 2010

In case you're traveling through Brisbane and have a hankering for dark chocolate... we've done the footwork.

You're welcome.

This week....

This week I've been off a lot. In part because this is my "light" week but with an additional day off for "good behavior" (working 6 day weeks while the boss was away). I've spent my time either sitting in the dark or working at home.

From Singles 2010
This is the last week for the Regent Cinema in downtown Brisbane (Queen Street Mall). The theatre opened in 1929 and despite the vintage 70's outside facade, the inside still sports very odd medieval murals, chandeliers, and lots of red cushy velvet and gold trim. In honor of their closing they poled patrons to select a film from each decade they've been in business. Kevin and I did pretty well supporting them in their final run - even buying tickets though this seemed on certain days to be unnecessary. We saw "A Night at the Opera" (1935), "Casablanca" (1942), "African Queen" (1951), and "West Side Story" (1961). Then, game playing and going to work intruded so we missed the final films: "Manhattan", "E.T.", and "The Titanic".

From Singles 2010
At home the laundry is done, the floors are clean, the dog is washed and the garden beds are tidy. I had help on with the last task from a pair of butcher birds who sat in the tree/bush beside me and waited for me to unearth the edibles. Now, it is time to sit back, read my book, write a couple letters, and cuddle with Zelda!

Population explosion!!!

From Singles 2010

I "understand" that this is the first week of winter, and yet it feels like spring. My murderous molly, Sparky, gave birth to 10 babies who have continued to evade her attempts at eating them. And, my fall clean up of the dead and dying (cosmos, sage, zinnias) has revealed a thick growth of new plantlets: nasturtiums, zinnias and in large numbers, larkspur! This is your official notice - I am willing to share the wealth. All you have to do is ask.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm hooked

I've made Kevin watch "Glee!" from its inception. Its been modestly fun - though Kevin finds the singing, dancing, and weak story to be painful. (You might think this eliminates EVERYTHING... but you'd be wrong. There's Sue. Everybody (=Kevin) loves Sue.) Last week's episode was a tribute to Lady Gaga and

it was magic.

The image quality in the video (above) isn't very good, but it was the only one I found on you-tube from the episode. That's too bad - the costumes and choreography for "Bad Romance" were great and "Santana" (dressed in black who's featured about 3/4 of the way through the number) is fabulous. "Beth" - it's just along for the ride. The duet of "Poker Face" is beautiful, playful, fun. Enjoy!