Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NNV- A Blog Down Under: Mirror, mirror…. review

From May, June 2015

Kevin fixed my iphoto problem and now I have access to the photos I scanned before moving from the US so many eons ago.    With regard to this blog, particularly this blog entry, I refer you back to October when I wanted to do a contrast of my mirror image between Ann at University and Ann visiting at home. But in October, I couldn't access the old photo.  Now, I can/have.  And, you can make the comparison by clicking the link below.

NNV- A Blog Down Under: Mirror, mirror….

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Toe news

Just cause I know you've been up at night wondering.

I was released from my anti-fungal regimen last week.  My toe is now considered "healthy-ish".  I don't think anyone would yet consider it beautiful.

My life of crime

I thought I'd begin my life of crime yesterday.   Well, I suppose not.  I suppose like most hardened criminals, something just happened and, there I was, a fugitive on the lam.  (Note - not on the lamb - they run much too slowly.)

I was filling up the car at the local service station and mulling over whether Zupe really needed a flu vaccine and if I had time to run all my errands and still make the 2 PM school pick up and then I found myself driving out of the parking lot.  I entered the currently not so busy road and thought,

"Hey.  Did I pay for that gasoline?"  (I love saying gasoline here.  People find it so irritating.)

I quickly reviewed my memory and couldn't see myself going into the shop to pay.

So, there I am on Beams Road with a big slab of concrete between the right and left lanes, the east and west-bound lanes, and no obvious near-by turn around spots.  The light ahead was red and I did what I had to do.  U-TURN.  Driving west now toward home - but there is still that slab of concrete between me and the service station.  It (the concrete) does end before I get all the way home and so, continuing on my life of crime, I made a second illegal U-TURN, buzzed back up east back to the "Woolworth's Petrol" station, and into the spot in which my life of crime began.

I ran into the station shop and waited.  Waited and wondered:

a.  why does it take so long for someone to come out from wherever they hide to take my money
b.  are those sirens in the distance?

Turns out the clerk was busy watching my criminal activity on her video recording and no.

"You're lucky.  I haven't called the cops yet."

My felonious behavior could all have been prevented by a simple pay-at-the-pump system - but here in Oz they pride themselves on growing crims and selling an unnecessary candy bar at every fuel purchase.

All this reminds me - the new season of "Orange is the New Black" returns this weekend!  Hello sisters!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Once in a lifetime

From May, June 2015

The pitch was something like that.  This is your only opportunity.  Be a part of history.

Walk the Legacy Way Tunnel!

I missed one of those limited opportunity events back in Cleveland.  Posing nude with scads of other people (over 3000) in the way too chilly (winter) dawn photoshoot of/by Spencer Tunick.  I regret it, sort of.  I still balk at the cold even in my imagination.

So, we went for it.

From May, June 2015

It seemed like a much bigger opportunity until I learned that every tunnel opening or bridge opening or new crosswalk in Brisbane is accompanied by this same historic event.  (Not the opportunity to walk through the Legacy Way Tunnel, but.. you know.)

We did it.  It was 4.6 km of windy, noisy, fluorescent-light adventure.  Zupe walked and was carried and was forcibly strollered.  I doubt the photos will ever make a traveling exhibition.

Well, it's official

The Royal Queensland EKKA Show will once again have no entries in the best photo from Ohio.

With Kevin out of town this weekend, I sat down to complete the application to find that entries closed May 27.  Ten days ago.

The show shows in August.

I'm pretty sure I could still get an entry into the world famous Poultry Days Fine Arts show that starts on the 12 of June.  I think I could probably FLY to the US then drive to Versailles and still get my entry submitted.  Of course, the competition in the category photo from Ohio will be stiffer.

Moral of the story - don't forget Poultry Days in Versailles, Ohio next weekend!