Sunday, June 07, 2015

Once in a lifetime

From May, June 2015

The pitch was something like that.  This is your only opportunity.  Be a part of history.

Walk the Legacy Way Tunnel!

I missed one of those limited opportunity events back in Cleveland.  Posing nude with scads of other people (over 3000) in the way too chilly (winter) dawn photoshoot of/by Spencer Tunick.  I regret it, sort of.  I still balk at the cold even in my imagination.

So, we went for it.

From May, June 2015

It seemed like a much bigger opportunity until I learned that every tunnel opening or bridge opening or new crosswalk in Brisbane is accompanied by this same historic event.  (Not the opportunity to walk through the Legacy Way Tunnel, but.. you know.)

We did it.  It was 4.6 km of windy, noisy, fluorescent-light adventure.  Zupe walked and was carried and was forcibly strollered.  I doubt the photos will ever make a traveling exhibition.

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