Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris

From January

The take-offs were good to watch, as well.  But when the old airplane made her great arc to the North, it left him sad and empty and the air was acrid with goodbyes.  He learned to watch only the landings and hellos.

I'm getting Kevin caught up with Hannibal (the tv series).  This led to me decided to reread Thomas Harris's novels - well, at least Red Dragon and maybe, for the third time, Silence of the Lambs.

It's interesting to find elements of Red Dragon embedded in Hannibal.  Conversations - word for word- coming out of different characters' mouths.  And, now that I (at least for the next 15 minutes) know Red Dragon, I can also tell you of the plots disparities between Hannibal and Red Dragon, which if you didn't know, will be it's sequel.  (By that I mean the story of Hannibal (the TV series NOT the book) comes before (immediately before) the story of Red Dragon.  I could tell you about plot issues, but I won't.  It doesn't really matter and I can feel my knowledge of them fading quickly - even as I type.

Then, me being me, I thought I'd watch both the movies of Red Dragon - Manhunter (1986) and Red Dragon (2006)-   but I only started them both (simultaneously - reason #552 you're glad you didn't marry me - I'm watching movies at night before bed in 20 minute segments).  I stopped watching them when Kevin reminded me I was supposed to wait for him.

It will be fine, Kevin.  I'm sure I'll forget everything I saw before you get home tomorrow.

Not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs.

From January

Yes.  That is my toe.

Why are you still looking?  I am hideous.

The nail has not grown since August? September?  Nails grown on dead people!  My toe has gone beyond just dead!!!

I have been to the doctor and I've now taken 6 weeks of an antifungal medication.  The result is what you're looking at..  (WHAT?  YOU are STILL looking at IT???!!  Turn away fool!  It might be contagious.)

I'm pretty sure it looked better 6 weeks ago.

I called last Monday (the 19th) to schedule a follow up with my doctor.  She's been away skiing in Colorado since Christmas.  (Why can doctors leave their practice for weeks at a time but veterinarians can't? don't?)  The first available was February 2.

My foot may drop off by then.

Happy Australia Day!

From January

I momentarily considered adding a little flag.

Four days ago I got an email reminding me that Australia Day was in 5 days and I needed to get busy acquiring and sending out my A-Day cards.  Hmmmm.  I've never seen an A-Day card.  I don't know what they look like.

Maybe they all have tree frogs on them.

Yours does.

Evening visitor

From January

It has been raining here in Brisbane.

Raining a lot.  Not only does that mean that I've been able to turn off the air conditioning for hours at a time BUT that cute little tree frogs turn up at the front door.

Sure beats finding them in the toilet.

Though, I suppose I prefer a frog to a snake or a rat.  When one of those turn up, or I get a huge huntsman in the car with me, I will be grabbing my bag and heading back home.

This one is free

From January

though you might feel compelled to send money to me, anyhow.  Really, it is THAT wonderful that you'll feel an immediate rush of gratitude to the world... and to me.  Ok.  You CAN send me money.  Or, more spinach.

Spinach Burger

Cook hamburger to desired level of doneness.  Keep it pink if you like the thrill of a possible food borne illness.

Saute spinach in butter and onions.

Place burger in pan with the spinach and pile the spinach around burger.

Lift it out of the skillet as a unit.

Garnish as you like.

You might even want to consider wrapping it in bread or a nice bun.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

One more reason you should be glad you didn't marry me

From January

Kevin fortunately loves me.  And, he tells me the truth.  I am hyper-critical.  Yes, yes, yes, I want to be easy going and always find my world to be copacetic, but I cannot turn off the "evaluator": not even when I am reading lovely, warm-fuzzy books to my son.

Take the quote above and now look at the illustration:

From January

Yes, the cow is in milk but she is not a "milk cow".  She's a beef cow.  And, if anyone wanted to milk her, they would not let her nurse that calf.  Maybe this is a bit of a stretch.  Maybe any cow with a distended udder is a milking cow.  Maybe I am wrong here.

But, what about:

From January

I know my rodents.  That is not a mouse.  
From January

It is a gerbil.  
From January

And, here -

From January

I think this poor fawn may have hydrocephalus.

Edited to add :  Kevin says, "How do you know I still love you?"

The end of an era

From January

I figured it would happen sometime.... a smart phone has been moved into our house.  It is Kevin's.  And, those are Zupe's bananas.

I am now the last of a lost tribe... the phoneless.

Is there any wonder why I wake up at 5 AM?

From January

Don't worry.  I didn't see any birds, either.

Hmmmm - the video doesn't play when you push the arrow, but takes you to where it originates.  You have to repeatedly push play to get to see the video.  Sorry.  That is true for the video below, too.  Erggg.