Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs.

From January

Yes.  That is my toe.

Why are you still looking?  I am hideous.

The nail has not grown since August? September?  Nails grown on dead people!  My toe has gone beyond just dead!!!

I have been to the doctor and I've now taken 6 weeks of an antifungal medication.  The result is what you're looking at..  (WHAT?  YOU are STILL looking at IT???!!  Turn away fool!  It might be contagious.)

I'm pretty sure it looked better 6 weeks ago.

I called last Monday (the 19th) to schedule a follow up with my doctor.  She's been away skiing in Colorado since Christmas.  (Why can doctors leave their practice for weeks at a time but veterinarians can't? don't?)  The first available was February 2.

My foot may drop off by then.


Flicker said...

That is really gross. The toe looks OK, though, or is that gangrene creeping up on the right side? How do your other toes look? I looked at my own toes for comparison purposes, but they have their own issues.


NNV said...

I don't think any of my toes are particularly attractive but they look "normal" . There is no yellow nail with dried blood at the base or swelling of the nail bed. I'm afraid the nail is going to become detached soon. I wouldn't mind it moving to a different time zone but I worry about what would show up in its place.