Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching up on January - Part 2

Note:  Still not March.

From Start of Kindy

On January 28 something momentous happened.  Something so awesomely exciting that it required coloring images of James the train at 6 AM.  Zupe started Kindy.

Start time - 9 AM.

From Start of Kindy

Arrival time 9:10 AM.  We like to make an entrance.  Honestly, I was advised that it would be easier to park to drop him off if we came a bit on the late side.  EVERY OTHER KID WAS THERE.  Both of them!  Yep, it is a big class with 3 kids and 2 teachers at the Geebung Special School.

I don't really know what goes on there.  Still.  And, it has been a month now.  This is the uncertain reality of living with a nonverbal kid.  I have seen his weekly art piece - Brown Bear, Red Bird and, most recently, Yellow Duck.  (The teacher is running through Eric Carle's book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?".)  I've been told that he's a really good eater.  (Yes.)  And, that he "takes charge" on the playground.  ??  I should have asked a follow up question like what do you mean? and is that a good or bad thing?

Now, one month in the class has grown.  There is now a total of 4 little boys and 1 girl.  By the end of the year, I've been told to expect a class size of about  10.  Sure hope there's another little girl soon.  She looks shell shocked.

From Start of Kindy

Catching up with January - Part 1

and, hey, it isn't March yet.

Australia Day!

Kevin was still in NSW playing games.  No, that isn't true. He had moved to Canberra to play games and Zupe and I were still playing single parent goes crazy.  So, I thought I'd pack him up and we'd go for a museum day.  He still isn't (wasn't - or at least I didn't trust him to be) strong enough to walk it all day, so I brought the stroller.  Unfortunately, this really sucks.  He doesn't want to ride in the stroller.

Pointing at his lap where the blasted straps keep him in and then down to the ground.  Guhhhhhh.

But, when I let him out he takes off - as you would - and then I'm trying to keep track of a stroller with our semi-valuables and him.  I'm sure this is a scenario to which many can relate.  Still, I'm going to whine a bit.

And, he didn't really love the dinosaurs.  Who's kid IS this?

Still here are the highlights:

Unappreciated T. rex:

From January

Briefly appreciated Triceratops:

From January

Playing in the Queensland State Library (Thanks, Auntie Bhuva for introducing this to us!)

From January


From January

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fire and Rain - James Taylor

For Renee.

They played it on the radio this afternoon as I took our boy to Nundah.

...I always thought I'd see you again....

Happy Birthday.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Well that photo wasn't particularly troublesome

but I can't recommend the experience.

First, there was the big red rubber band.  You know where this is going.  Wrapped around and around and around my toe.  OMG.  Throbbing, pulsating, twitching PAIN.  Follow that up with injection of local anesthetic and

"How's young Mr. Kevin?" the doctor asks.  He's got a crush on Kevin in that asexual, I've-never-met-a-person-like-you sort of way.

"Can we NOT talk?"

What can I say?  Still a bitch.  Grinding me up into table gripping, squirming pain doesn't make me any nicer.

I was lying down so I cannot tell you where those injections went, but does it really matter?  Could there be ANY PLACE on a toe where an injection of stinging lidocaine would feel OK?

I kept telling him, "I can feel that."

"Your nail is already off."

Oh, so that was the little chinky sound in the kidney dish.  I'm not surprised.

But, bonus!  There was another nail growing under the first.  This one was attached and required digging and more injections.

"Have you ever had an injury to this nail?"

"When would that have to have been?  It hasn't grown since maybe September.  I don't remember."

"Oh, it could have been 20 years ago..."  (That helps narrow it down.)

The ginormous bandage came off yesterday and I got to see my toe.

You can see the indentation of where the nail sat on the top of my toe for years and years and years and years....not that I am saying I'm old.  And, a deeper, redder indentation at the base of the nail and extending up about 25% of the way where the living nail, the replacement that "we" rejected sat.

And, a big bruise around the base of my toe.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Watch this spot for grusome image tomorrow

On Wednesday I called my doctor and asked casually if there were any appointments available for Thursday.

Amen!  Hallelujeah!  3 PM.

So, I made my list.

  1. New prescription for B12 injections (despite the fact that I correct her every time she says "you're a vegetarian", she still believes I am and, given that my B12 was on the lower aspect of normal and I was complaining of fatigue - because I wasn't sleeping at night - she prescribed B12.  Three injections at 1 month intervals.  I picked up the first one from the chemist (pharmacist) in December.  They don't store prescriptions here but give you a revised copy with the number of repeats remaining.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find the "new" script.)
  2. Two referrals for specialists for Zupe - the neurologist (who we see in 2 weeks) and his primary pediatrician.
  3. MY TOE
Eventually I convinced her that it (my toe) was no better after 6 weeks of Lamisil though initially she pointed to that raised line and suggested the nail below it was healthy/growing out.  I had to remove the other shoe and point to that big toe and emphasize that 6 weeks ago these nails were the same length.  The nail on the left foot is quite long now but the the right nail length was UNCHANGED.  There is no growing out going on.

Guess what you win with that argument.

An amputation.


6:45 AM.

Watch this spot.

By the way - those B12 injections come three to a packet.  You'd think she would have known that and said something in December like I'll store the remainder here for you.  Could she be selling B12 on the black market?  Bald Hills - hot spot of organized vitamin crime.