Sunday, February 01, 2015

Watch this spot for grusome image tomorrow

On Wednesday I called my doctor and asked casually if there were any appointments available for Thursday.

Amen!  Hallelujeah!  3 PM.

So, I made my list.

  1. New prescription for B12 injections (despite the fact that I correct her every time she says "you're a vegetarian", she still believes I am and, given that my B12 was on the lower aspect of normal and I was complaining of fatigue - because I wasn't sleeping at night - she prescribed B12.  Three injections at 1 month intervals.  I picked up the first one from the chemist (pharmacist) in December.  They don't store prescriptions here but give you a revised copy with the number of repeats remaining.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find the "new" script.)
  2. Two referrals for specialists for Zupe - the neurologist (who we see in 2 weeks) and his primary pediatrician.
  3. MY TOE
Eventually I convinced her that it (my toe) was no better after 6 weeks of Lamisil though initially she pointed to that raised line and suggested the nail below it was healthy/growing out.  I had to remove the other shoe and point to that big toe and emphasize that 6 weeks ago these nails were the same length.  The nail on the left foot is quite long now but the the right nail length was UNCHANGED.  There is no growing out going on.

Guess what you win with that argument.

An amputation.


6:45 AM.

Watch this spot.

By the way - those B12 injections come three to a packet.  You'd think she would have known that and said something in December like I'll store the remainder here for you.  Could she be selling B12 on the black market?  Bald Hills - hot spot of organized vitamin crime.

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