Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching up on January - Part 2

Note:  Still not March.

From Start of Kindy

On January 28 something momentous happened.  Something so awesomely exciting that it required coloring images of James the train at 6 AM.  Zupe started Kindy.

Start time - 9 AM.

From Start of Kindy

Arrival time 9:10 AM.  We like to make an entrance.  Honestly, I was advised that it would be easier to park to drop him off if we came a bit on the late side.  EVERY OTHER KID WAS THERE.  Both of them!  Yep, it is a big class with 3 kids and 2 teachers at the Geebung Special School.

I don't really know what goes on there.  Still.  And, it has been a month now.  This is the uncertain reality of living with a nonverbal kid.  I have seen his weekly art piece - Brown Bear, Red Bird and, most recently, Yellow Duck.  (The teacher is running through Eric Carle's book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?".)  I've been told that he's a really good eater.  (Yes.)  And, that he "takes charge" on the playground.  ??  I should have asked a follow up question like what do you mean? and is that a good or bad thing?

Now, one month in the class has grown.  There is now a total of 4 little boys and 1 girl.  By the end of the year, I've been told to expect a class size of about  10.  Sure hope there's another little girl soon.  She looks shell shocked.

From Start of Kindy

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