Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching up with January - Part 1

and, hey, it isn't March yet.

Australia Day!

Kevin was still in NSW playing games.  No, that isn't true. He had moved to Canberra to play games and Zupe and I were still playing single parent goes crazy.  So, I thought I'd pack him up and we'd go for a museum day.  He still isn't (wasn't - or at least I didn't trust him to be) strong enough to walk it all day, so I brought the stroller.  Unfortunately, this really sucks.  He doesn't want to ride in the stroller.

Pointing at his lap where the blasted straps keep him in and then down to the ground.  Guhhhhhh.

But, when I let him out he takes off - as you would - and then I'm trying to keep track of a stroller with our semi-valuables and him.  I'm sure this is a scenario to which many can relate.  Still, I'm going to whine a bit.

And, he didn't really love the dinosaurs.  Who's kid IS this?

Still here are the highlights:

Unappreciated T. rex:

From January

Briefly appreciated Triceratops:

From January

Playing in the Queensland State Library (Thanks, Auntie Bhuva for introducing this to us!)

From January


From January

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