Wednesday, November 02, 2011


From Halloween 2011
Have you seen this "Jack"?????

He was pumpkin-napped sometime during the morning of November 1st after working hard and burning bright the night of October 31st. (He was there at 9 AM but gone at 1 PM.)

What sort of shameless holiday wrecker steals a jack o'lantern in broad daylight??? And, to the best of my knowledge, this isn't a school holiday. Therefore, it is unlikely to be a kid's prank.


Kevin suggested we might check dumpsters on Thursday evening, locate the mouldering head, carry it to the door, pound on said door then make a citizen's arrest.

Overall, I think there are OK things about this event. I don't have to watch him wither and melt. I don't have to decide at what point of disrepute I toss him in the garbage. And, he wasn't busted into pieces on our driveway. Somebody (maybe) loved him enough to want to experience the thrill of Halloween for themselves. Maybe next year rather than stealing ours, they'll make their own. Maybe there will be two glowing gourds in Brisbane.

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