Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bargaining with Terrorists

From Singles 2011

Today I read a headline suggesting that the majority of burglars surveyed used social media to plan their crimes.

Therefore, it is probably a totally bad idea for me to admit this here, but I'm committed. I had already typed the title. I must confess: I totally cave into any demand when either my sleep or Zupe's sleep (which is often my sleep, too) is threatened.


2 AM- I wake up. My mind flips on and I watch time pass. Just as I drift into a dream...
3:30 AM - Zupe wakes up. I get up and feed the baby and then try once more to achieve sleep.
5 AM - Zelda scratches at the bedroom door asking for BREAKFAST. I can either get up and feed her and hope to get back to sleep or I can lie awake listening to her intermittent pleas until Zupe wakes up at 6.

Zelda's supper is at 5 PM. Zupe's afternoon nap is at 3:30. Without fail, just as his eyes fall shut (4ish), Zelda starts her bouncing and yelping at the foot of the bed where he's sleeping. I can ignore her and let Zupe wake up -which means another several minutes of sleep cajoling or I can try to slip away and let her out before her piercing screech penetrates the thin veneer of sleep that now surrounds the baby.

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