Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the Beach with Nigel

It is good to be back home. After the car, even 90 degrees at home feels, well, not cool, but better. I think we are now both committed to air-conditioning in the next vehicle. Of course, this one is half ever-ready bunny and I think it may outlast me-at least here in Au.

The Blue Mountains were beautiful and beautifully cool! It rained all one day and I wore jeans! I even was OK in jeans on the day we went horseback riding. Yet, I’m NOT looking to relocate. The spiders in NSW made ours look positively puny! Egads! We had two in the house. The first Kevin saw in the bathroom and warned me about. (Woke me UP to warn me- bless him!) “You might want to shower in the other bath.” I made Kevin run shotgun for me on my trip down the hall to the toilet- past the big creepy that was now in the upper corner of the hallway. In the morning, we moved out of “The Homestead” – which was pretty old and decrepit and into the renovated home “The Cottage”. New paint. New fixtures. New furniture. I told Kevin it wasn’t the sort of place for spiders. The Homestead, yeah. They belonged there…but the next morning we had a big spider (though smaller than the prior one) lurking behind the toaster. Glad to be eating oats!

Kevin volunteered to trap and release it. He chased it up onto the ceiling so he’d have a flat surface, then threw himself with a box lid onto it. Well, onto one leg. The rest of the spider dropped.


We ALL screamed and half of us jumped up onto furniture. I was so concerned we’d lost it. I’d rather KNOW where it was. As it turns out, Claire saw it skitter up under a chair. So, we took that chair outside. And left it.

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C Maryon said...

Just discovered I have a Blogger identity, and realised that meant I could comment here (yay!) and now you open up to anonymous comments.


and as for your arachnoid experiences - THAT is the reason I don't move to Australia. In NZ only our IQs are bigger than the Australians' :) everything else is smaller (thank GOD)

NNV said...

Good to see you Cathi! (Waving 7 long legs at you...) Ann