Sunday, November 15, 2009

Queensland forests

I've been busy, busy, busy for the last month. We've had guests - two weeks with Flat Stanley and two weeks with Kevin's mother (3-D Linda?). Now, on the morning of her departure, I am sitting quietly with my cup of morning tea (which, incidentally has gotten to be a bit too cool while I first caught up with my email and then, ahem, Facebook). I need only to import the Flat Stanley entry and then match up the bazillion photographs. That might happen today - after I get my computer back. It is possible that I'll write my entry for "Purple Cane Road". But, for sure I can share with you the contrast of woodland environments here in Queensland.

It was almost a month ago when Kevin, Stanley, and I drove up the Bruce Highway North toward the Sunshine Coast. We stopped first in the Glass House Mountains and took a short hike and then in the Blackall Range at Mary Cairncross Rainforest Reserve. These walks are less than an hour drive apart (-unless you go by way of The Australia Zoo. That has a way of adding a lot of time to any trip.)

From photo a day

From photo a day

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