Sunday, January 10, 2010

I 've been thinking it is time to be more serious

From Singles 2010

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't been here at the blog recently. I admit that this is in part due to my working 6 days last week, but also because I was thinking that maybe I need to start writing more considered essays. Dig deeper into the questions that plague my existence. Dissect and analyze my life, my thoughts, my emotions. Stop using this as a glob of silly putty with which I collect the most superficial imprint of my existence. Put in more of my heart, my fears, my secret desires. Open up. Stop being afraid to face the big questions of my world.

So, here it goes.

Who are these damn roaches and why do they come to our house to die?

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NNV said...

You can't really appreciate the size of these insects. They are at least 3 inches long... and they just turn up dead. I've rarely seen one alive.