Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Career!

I've been doing this same shtick for over TEN years now and so it is TIME, past time, for finding a new path. And, on Saturday May 15, there was a great light shone down from heaven and we discovered, that is the we of Kevin and I rather than the royal "we", Roller Derby.

Roller Derby in Brisbane is held on a flat track in one of the ballrooms of the Convention Centre - and there is none of the elbow-in-the-face violence we were expecting, having first watched "Kansas City Bomber" -- you know, so we'd be ready.

This was the second match this year between the Love Rockettes (in pink) and the Diner Might Dolls (in yellow). The Dolls had won the first so we thought we support the "underdogs". That didn't help. It seems they had a serious problem keeping their jammer (she who jams and scores points) off the penalty bench. And, with a jammer on the bench, there is no opportunity to score.

Quick Roller Derby Rules - on the track at most are 5 members of each team: a Pivot who has the job of setting the pace at which the pack circles the track, 3 Blockers who both try to assist their jammer in navigating the pack and to block the opposing jammer from passing through the pack, and a Jammer (wearing a star on her helmet) who scores a point for each member of the opposing team she passes AFTER the first pass.

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