Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gold Coast Sunday

Ah. Doesn't that sound great. But, wait.

Car battery dead.

And, this time it is not my fault. Really.

We wanted to be away before 7 AM since we were anticipating a 90 minute drive. We came close - 7:06 - after charging the battery with one of our best Australian investments. On the way down we passed Ikea and the Daisy Hill Koala Park (you thought I'd say puppy farm - admit it).

"We should stop on the way home. See what Ikea wonders we can't live without. Actually stop and visit the park."

"After we take a walk on the beach."

From mid August

We made it to the Yacht Club in just over an hour - right on time for Paul and Kim's wedding reception breakfast. The food was great and the company excellent and we got a new deck of Tichu cards! Although you can hardly tell with my lousy under-exposed, overly back lit photograph of cake cutting (fruit cake - very Australian), Kim looked very, very glamorous. Probably with an extra "u".

Afterward, we debated. Do we walk to the beach, leaving the car in the lot since it won't start again? Or, do we jump it and dash for home without another "stop"? This was a day when having a mobile phone might have availed us with a modicum of comfort.

We opted to head directly home. Our only beach time on the Gold Coast being the view from the club and our little umbrella/chair seating assignments.
From mid August

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