Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Friends of the Fliegen

Note: This is a work in progress. Additional friends to be added. Also, note, these only include US friends. Thirdly, note, there are many friends for whom I lack a photo. With apologies. It is a very big task to compile "Friends of the Fliegen".
Jim and Diane O'Brien (and Megan and Katie), Tim Beeker, Don Solosan, Marianna Hunt, Marge Dapore, Sam and Renee Dapore-Schwartz, Andy and Brittany Hunt, Todd Hunt, Linda Rice, Sandra Love, Earl and Louise Sloniker, Steve Herminghausen and Georgia Blum, Stephen and Sharon Newell, Mizzie Misko, Xan and Chris Sprouse, David Zecchini, Sharon and Jeff Stahlman, Barbara Revard, Andrew Penry, Sarah Rhodebeck Kreis, Johnda Kapteina (and Melissa), Timothy Rice, Steve and Mary Rice (and Renee and Edward), Steven Brey, Debby Miller, Diane Ray, Meg Morrison, Robert and Gina Saunders, Elaine Fagan, Martha and Maggie Fagan, Carroll Hunt and Karen Schindler, M. Heather Hartley, Robyn Thompson, Blanche Ostrander, Liz and Bob Byers, Nancy Decker, Marcia Decker, Leigh Davis and Richard Rynes, Christine and Nina Good, Ken and Gail Spontelli, Steve Hunt, Abby Holmes (and Alex and Olivia), Dixie Wehrkamp.

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Don S said...

I love it! The first Fliegen world tour was a big hit. Come back soon!