Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't call me tomorrow

Really.  I know you haven't heard from me in more than 6 months and just the idea that I still exist probably induces an almost irresistible urge to call me - even though you've never called me before and there is a really significant possibility that you don't even know HOW to call me - and, therefore, I should not have even mentioned anything.  Who calls me, anyway, and yet - there I did it.

So, I must repeat.  Please don't call me tomorrow.

I'm trying to leave the line open so I can be informed that I have won $5000 and my book "Llamas in Lampshades" has won the picture book competition and is about to be published.

Don't call me and I'll send you a copy.

EDITED:  Sigh.  You all did a great job of not calling.  Unfortunately, the competition notifier didn't call either.  Instead, I have a tooth ache.

1 comment:

Flicker said...

Oh, but I *would* have called, if I'd known how to, and I would have loved to have told you that you'd won. It sounds like a very good book, probably very nearly won, and I'm so glad you still exist.