Sunday, February 12, 2006

Full Steam Ahead!

I've been without internet connectivity for a week. We're moving into the "home stretch". The inspection of the house went OK and for only $750 we can sell our house! I haven't actually heard that the appraisal went well- but I'm living my own dream. This week I finally got notice that MY visa is approved. Australia and I have had a hard time with visas; actually, it is more honest to say that Australia has been repeatedly dubious about giving me a visa. Initially, 3 years ago, they didn't "buy" that Kevin and I were a committed couple and, I suspect, viewed me as just one more tottering old fool who wanted to get into their country and milk their social systems for ALL they were worth. Now, despite MARRYING the man- they were hesitant. Even going so far as to "lose" my x-ray report. Thanks to Travis at Kaiser, I got a second report and whalla! "I'm in!"

This week the moving company comes to carefully blockus our copious belongings into storage. Despite what the initial representative said- I'm anxious it will fit into the 10 X 10 space I rented. My plan is to ask for a "recheck" early this week so I have time to arrange for a 10 x 15 space by Thursday. (Move moved to Thursday to allow for easy access by the Kidney foundation pickup and, more importantly, one more episode of "Project Runway". I may have given up my cable modem, but I've clung tenaciously onto my FX and Bravo!)

Onward! Much to do!

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