Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome to Brisbane

I arrived on Wednesday morning after being in airports and airplanes for 30+ hours. Everything went well with the flight(s) but I was sadly disappointed to find there was NO FOOD served on the flight between Chicago and Los Angeles. Well, no free food. Fortunately, I was prepared- my mother packing me 5 (five, count 'em 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!) apples for the trip. I ate 'em. Of course, I also climbed up on my seat and wrestled my billfold from my carry-on bag so I might partake of the "Right Bite" snack box. The gate from which we departed LAX was much inferior to that from which I've traveled in the past to Sydney. Reminded me of traveling People's Express to Newark!

So far, I've napped, slept, and traveled into the city with Kevin by train to get my visa applied to my passport. My exploration is off to a slow start. I have unpacked my camera- so I'm ready to begin. Can't really unpack my suitcases because Kevin has already filled the closets..... In the photos that follow, I'll undoubtedly be the rumpled one who looks like she's living out of boxes.

The weather has been pretty darn nice (what I've been awake to see.) Warm. Sunny. Humid. Everything is slightly damp. Wildlife report- watched a gecko climbing up the wall on the porch about 5 AM yesterday. Don't know the local birds - but I hear a cockatiel regularly. Missing my Beeker.

Tonight- walking down the street to have dinner at one of the "shops".


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