Sunday, March 26, 2006

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Kevin found this apartment and has been living here since October. Our unit is in the front on the second or first floor, depending on how you count. It is the one that has the screened porch with all the geckos INSIDE. These are our special friends and I'll send a photo of them soon. Unfortunately, we are now looking for a new place that will allow us to keep Zelda. We are hoping for air conditioning, 2 maybe 3 closets! and, lets go wild, an oven you don't have to climb into to light.

But for now, lets go down the stairs and take a little walk...

We live conveniently close to the Windsor train station- about 2 blocks. There are cool stairs to climb to enter the train station if you are coming from the OTHER direction. We just have a little footpath, but it does have a gate that closes and a light that flashes when a train is coming. In this way we have avoided being squashed.

You can either buy your ticket inside the booth or in the silver contraption you seen in front of the Coke machine. Except for the busy morning time the cost of a ticket to travel from Windsor to the city (Central station, remember?) is $2.10. If you want to travel before 9 AM, it is going to cost an extra 10 cents.

At the corner of Lutwyche and LeGeyt is this shopping centre. It features a minimart/news agent/post office- The Golden Casket. There are also 3 restarants: an Indian Restaurant that we think is ALWAYS closed due to illness, Samari Sushi featuring Windsor's own sushi train, and a generic Asian restaurant. The Hot Bread store on the other side of LeGeyt is currently advertising to "Get your spicy hot crossed buns (in) here". Also not pictured is the nicer restaurant across Lutwyche, PL8. Their outdoor dining experience includes watching the orb spiders contemplate how they might snare an American.

P.S. The orchid I opened with is blooming in a tree in front of a neighboring apartment building. The tree is full of orchids and other - what are those plants called that grow without soil....???? EPIPHYTES!!

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