Thursday, March 16, 2006

Early impressions with photos to follow...

I sent an e-mail out to all my friends along with photos- but the photos are either not there (listed but with a size of 0!) or when Carolyn "opens" one - she gets one of her own photos. I was able to send and receive one photo- so I guess I'll try again....after lunch. I cannot seem to add these same %%&*?!!! photos here in the way I want and so they shall travel under separate cover.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day. Sunday we had a little gaming with yours truly winning the "Big Quiz". Hot dog! Beginner's luck! During the week I've been either surfing the internet and trying to resolve all my form issues (Zelda's application for a permit to import- my health insurance) or walking about to familiarize myself with my new home. I can take the train downtown or walk there! It is about a 3 mile walk to get to the center of town- I'm guessing. I walked to the northern edge- Fortitude Valley (great name) - home of Chinatown. In the evenings after dinner we may watch a little TV or I just get grumpy and go to bed. Glad I'm past the worst of my jet lag. It was killing me (and Kevin) to stay up til 8:30 PM. I don't know how people travel for, and then accomplish, buisness.

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