Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The first Australian Games Expo!

Photo: Kevin (playing yellow) gets his butt kicked in Settlers.

Albury NSW- site of Australia's first Games Expo! Kevin, former candidate for game czar of Cleveland, Ohio couldn't miss that! Signed up to compete in both the national championships for "Settlers of Catan" and "Carcassonne"! The winner of each would go onto Essen Germany to represent Australia. How cool would that be!

The Games Expo was held in the convention center Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11. The competitions started at 9 AM on Saturday. Kevin was scheduled to play 3 games of each before 5 PM that evening. (Didn't see much of him!) Settlers was not very good to our man- but Carcassonne! He won every game he played and went into the semifinals on Sunday in 6th place overall.

We pondered- how would it play, a Yank winning the first Australian competition and representing the country in Essen? Surely, we could not be denied an application for permanent residency- maybe even citizenship! Still, we decided, it might be best to sneak off immediately with the crown before the pitchforks and torches were pulled.

Kevin lost in the semifinals.

Ah! it was a dream!

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