Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Return to Oz

OK. I know this is "dated" 21 June, but I returned 2 June. My flight left Cincinati at 8:30 am on May 31, arrived in LA around 10:30 am, and left again about 11 pm. Somewhere, I lost June 1. Guess that is how I'll think of this year. The year I lost March 6 and June 1. I'm feeling younger the longer I think about it.

This trip was special because it included the infamous Ms. Z. We spent about a month trying to feel good about "our" crate. Ate supper there. That's as far as we got, really. When I dropped her at the cargo building for Delta, I don't think the death cry that followed was any less heartfelt for all those meals in the carrier. She did OK. She had a very nice hotel in LA- and somehow accumulated 2 days of boarding there in only 6 hours...??? We parted ways in LA. She flew on to Sydney while I winged on to Brissie.

I was traveling with 2+ months of my nutritional supplements and was a might bit concerned that the customs officials wouldn't appreciate them. I held my breath as the lovely beagle bitch moved through the crowd sniffing at each bag. Damn. I was done for! My bag probably had a big red beagle bullseye because packed within were Zelda's chew bone, her giggle ball, and her babble ball! "Hey! What are you doin'?" "Aaaaaaa! I'm gonna get you!" How am I going to explain a talking backpack to "the man"? She passed on by. No worries!

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