Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My "infringement"

We got the notice a couple of weeks ago- but I've been negligent in keeping this blog up to date. The speeding ticket.

Of course, it was sent to Kevin. He had to sign a statement- a notarized statement- that he was not the demon behind the wheel on the night in question. We are still waiting for the ticket to come back to me. (ooo! its here!)

But, here are the pieces of the story that interest me.


It isn't a speeding ticket. It is an "infringement notice". It is like talking about toll evasion being an offence- a funny word with more of a social character than I would expect.


I was going 71 KPH in a 60 KPH zone. Heart pounding- racing home as I feared I was watching my car disintegrate- I was going 6.6 MPH greater than the sanctioned speed. If you are bleeding and need immediate medical care, obviously I am not the person you want to rush you to the emergency room.

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