Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Now I need a scanner

I had the best time this weekend cutting and pasting in my collage course! I believe my teacher liked a couple of my "creations"- at least that was what I figured when he kept coming over to "neaten" them up. (And, this wasn't something he did on every piece- and I'm quite certain I was no more tidy on them!) It was really, really fun- though I don't think I have the personality to one day be a great collage master. I am not (in any part of my life) meticulous and extremely precise. I do enjoy messing around, however. I'd love to share with you... but I'd have to buy a scanner. That is unlikely to happen.

Besides, I'm about to mail them off to my mother for her frig.


Friendless said...

Do you want to borrow my scanner?

NNV said...

Could I borrow it this weekend while you are here?

Thanks. That would be great.