Saturday, December 05, 2009


I'm thinking ahead to my 2010 resolution and contemplating something like "looking in a mirror before I go out". This comes from the juxtaposition of two things. Being entirely impressed with the effort that some women put into dressing and seeing myself in the photos Kevin mother took while here in Brisbane (photo withheld - public service).

I'll never be able to achieve the level of pizzazz I witnessed today - how Anna Bligh matched her outfit to the colo(u)r (no doubt) of the APT signs at the GOMA - including her shoes (not pictured - just trust me...)
From APT 6 Goma

or the woman sitting in front of me on the train who's bra matched her dress! >
From APT 6 Goma

But, I'm hoping to be more easily distinguished from "bag lady" or "recently released mental patient" or as Kevin labels it "little old lady".

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