Friday, April 01, 2011


My recent change in shape has inspired many associated alterations. I can no longer reach the back row of glasses on the upper shelves in the kitchen, it takes a concerted effort involving arms, hands, and legs to get up from a squat on the floor - say to auscultate a German Shepard, my legs are shaved in irregular patches and I can only sleep in fits a starts. Getting to sleep, at least initially at night, is easy. But, then I'm up every 30 min or 60 or 120, if I've very lucky, in order to address the pressure of next to nothing in my bladder or just because I want to roll from left to right and, like a turtle, the weight in the middle of this transition requires considerable flailing.

The consequence of all this fractured sleep, beyond my mid morning and sometimes mid afternoon nap, is I'm very aware of my dreams. For the most part they are dreams of struggling, rejections, and anxiety - as restful as my general sleep pattern. This morning, however, I was inspired. I dreamed "Glee" was doing a salute to Laurie Anderson.

Ah, what other wonders will this day reveal?! We have reached our day of expectation!

Happy April Fools!

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