Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Plague of Frogs

From Singles 2011

I've been so busy and blog entries so few (well, none lately) that you'll easily remember this guy.

He is not alone.

We never managed to capture this frog. He disappeared up under the rim of the toilet and we couldn't dislodge him or even find him. That was several weeks ago.

Then came Zuperfliegen.

Kevin stayed with us in the hospital for the first nights. (I was there for 6 nights and Zupe is STILL there -going on week 3 now.) Kevin went home for a couple of nights during my stay to visit with Zelda. On the first of these nights he saw something dark on the floor of the kitchen. "A leaf", he thought. Then, it moved. Light revealed it to be a(nother?) tree frog. He trapped it and carried it to the opposite end of our block and released it.

On Thursday 14th I came home and found another frog in the toilet. It ducked up under the rim before I had the chance to don my frog-catching, pink rubber gloves - let alone call Kevin to see or find my camera.

The next night, I saw a dark shape hopping through the kitchen. I topped him with a plastic take-out container weighted with a not-heavy-enough frog-weight with the intention of taking a photograph once morning came. As you've guessed from my subtle foreshadowing, in the morning the container was empty. I'm not sure if was dislodged by super-frog strength or if he had some assistance, maybe from a certain black dog or more likely the fish stealing monster that lives in my kitchen. (Two more fish went missing during the time I was in the hospital.) Anyway, no frog... no frog photo.

Before we had a chance to leave for the hospital that morning, we did find a dead dried frog in Kevin's office.

So, that's somewhere between 2 and a gazillion frogs in our house. And, it can only mean one thing.

It's Zupe.

I'm not sure if he is the second coming. He's not saying. No wise men...yet. But, he WAS an immaculate conception.

What am I going to do with all this myrrh?

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