Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Birthday, Ever!

From Singles 2011

For my big day Kevin shared his Dominion winnings and took Zupe and me out to dinner at Sizzler Steak House. We had a great time - including Zupe who found it a fine place to snooze. After dinner Kevin gave me my very heavy present.

Fifty Cocolo Dark Chocolate Mint bars - each stuffed with one reason why he loves me. (I cried.)

Since time has not yet been re-established here, I've already opened 4 bars:

#1. You were born! (And thus Love entered the world (again) and eventually Wonder entered my life.) Happy 50th Birthday!

#32. You are willing to play games.

#7. You love me back.

#15. You brought Zelda into my life (or something to that effect - I can't find the slip.)

(Note- #1 may not be exactly right. Zelda chewed up the note and I've tried to piece it back together. She loves me, too.)

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NNV said...

Thank you, Kevin!