Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What was that all about?

That last post - about "Versailles". You may remember in 2009 I found a short film had been set in Versailles, Ohio. (Comedy, of course.) We never did find it on line to watch - The web site (mydamnchannel.com) has chopped the film into 6 - maybe it was 8 - installments. They've been publicizing it on Facebook, among other places, and I became its "friend". The question the post began with was posed by the "Versailles" page - and I tried to respond there - but Facebook thought I was too wordy, I guess. Anyway, they deleted initially part and then all of my post. So, because I was so pleased with myself I posted it here. (Well, there. Down below this post....)

In the time that has past since I wrote my response I have figured out that it doesn't really matter. No one is going to create Evelyn's back story. I am not going to become a Versailles legend. (Well, at least not for this.)

But, it is all good. The story had to be told somewhere

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