Wednesday, January 11, 2012

With sincere apologies to the creator of Aptimil's leveler

Zupe's having issues with his skin. Eczema. From what I can glean, it is a description of a lesion - like "missing right arm" - without relation to any single or often even identifiable cause. By that I mean, you could be missing your right arm because you had a birth defect or an accident with a circular saw or a velociraptor. With eczema there seems to be a genetic predisposition with reactions to external stimuli (chemicals, dry air, irritating surfaces) and/or internal stimuli (i.e. food allergies). And so, in an effort to address the "cause", we have changed bath soaps (if changed means eliminated), laundry detergents (OMG that's another story!), pajamas, and diet.

The goal of his new diet is to eliminate exposure to cows' milk proteins.  That means I am not eating any more yogurt or cheese or butter or drinking any milk or MILK SHAKES!  And, Zupe is drinking a formula made from hydrolyzed milk proteins...sort of like Zelda.

Anyway, our new formula - Pepti-Junior - still by Aptimil but now requiring a prescription to buy - does not include a built in leveler.


And, boy do I miss it!  Now, we have to keep a butter knife around to "level off" the scoop.  This is a pretty sizable sacrifice for us.  We only have 4 (FOUR) such knives in total!  (We used to have five but I foolishly lost one when I took a banana cream pie to a party - a party at which said pie was only tasted by ONE PERSON!  Ah! What is wrong with this country?!) 

On a more positive note - actually two more positive notes.  (I think that is enough to be a positive chord!)

Note one - the Pepti-Junior scoop IS flat on the bottom, so when I want to set a filled scoop down, and for the life of me I can't remember why I'd want to do it, but I have done it, none-the-less, it doesn't fall over and spill out 23% of its contents.  Yay.

Note two - his skin is much better.  He still has a few patches - really he always has a small patch or two - but that is pretty, pretty, pretty good.  He's not scratching at himself and I am not covering him in steroids daily any more.
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