Wednesday, November 05, 2008



Yesterday was the Melbourne Cup - THE horse race in Australia if not the universe. Everywhere people swap money, stop mid-day to watch the race, and women slap funny feathered, flowered facinators on their heads. Not quite a National Holiday - though I did see a web site where I could have expressed my opinion about whether it SHOULD be.

Di passed the description of the field to me and told me we were going across the street to the TAB to place our bets. "EVERYONE makes a bet today." So, I found one of the favorites, Septimus, was trained by A. O'Brien and thought that seemed good enough.

But, that horse didn't win. He didn't place or show, either. I never saw that $10 again.

Fortunately, however, we had an in-clinic pool of $2 bets. For another $8 I got four random picks - which I must say is the better way to go. One of my horses, Viewed, won! Payout $20.

Meanwhile, Kevin missed the cup because he was addressing a student question. Geesh. He did, however, "buy" three horses in his company's pool. It was not until they had given the entire pool of money to the guy who had lucked into picking the first and second place horses (Viewed and Bauer) - that he figured out that one of his horses (C'est le Guerre) was horse number 4 (who came in 3rd) and not horse number 5- which was his starting position. He whipped $8 out of the pot!

So.... we were both $2 ahead! We're contemplating chucking the ole 9 to 5 to be full time punters

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Cathi said...

I won my first Melbourne Cup after I went to NZ - yes, NZ stops as well