Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This one's for Cathi

From singles 2

It has taken me until November to make my way back to South Bank. As you can see, the wheel is finished...with nary a little wedgy board in site. Still, I did not cough up the $15 to take in the view on this cloudy Brisbane evening.


Cathi said...

Oh wow! I thought it was erected just for EKKA or whatever that festival is called, and that it would be gone by now.

Thank you very much for showing this. However I do feel I know too much about its construction to consider going on it.

NNV said...

No, Cathi. I think we have joined the likes of London with an ever present "wheel of Ferris". Coupon for 10% off on the back of our grocery receipt. Oh, the temptation is strong!