Sunday, March 29, 2009

AAHA annual convention, Phoenix

I needed to complete my continuing ed hours for the year, so I had to find something going on around the time of "The Gathering." I had a choice of either the Alumni meeting at The University of Georgia or the AAHA meeting in Phoenix. While I thought I might be able to check in on a couple of my southeastern friends if I went to Georgia, a more considered examination of the meeting revealed I'd be dead when I arrived. Ergo, I am in Arizona...a mere 90 min flight from LA.

Most embarrassing moment. Eating out at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant" the first evening. Sitting outside. Beautiful evening. The waitress is asking me what I'd like when I hear this whoosh!!! behind me and I scream a little and lunge forward throwing myself on the table. In my mind there was a tidal wave about to wipe over me. In reality, a waiter had lit some sort of flaming dish. I laughed all evening. I'm guessing the employees there laughed even longer.

And, you thought I'd just fallen asleep in the front row!

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