Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to get enough sleep

on an international flight.

1. Watch a really bad movie. If you are having trouble selecting one, try "Rachel Getting Married."

2. Remove glasses, crunch up on seat, don sleep mask. Sleep fitfully for 90 minutes.

3. Decide you'll use the restroom and watch a better movie. Reach into lap and find your glasses are missing.

4. Get down on hands and knees and feel around. Next, push call button and ask the attendant to shine his little torch around on the floor.

5. Continue to be unsuccessful. Recognize that while you may use the restroom like this, you'll never watch a movie.

6. Get pissed and tell your husband to scoot over. Then "stretch out" over two seats while wearing seat belt.

7. Wake regularly to turn over. (This involves removing seat belt, changing seats, re-fastening belt.)

Fortunately, by the time the lights came up for breakfast my glasses had been located by "some other attendant". I was concerned about how I'd replace my glasses while in Phoenix at the conference. I did see one service dog here, so I guess that might have worked.

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