Sunday, March 01, 2009

February 29

Not much heard from me lately. I've been really busy working - six days last week. Well, seven actually - I think any day you go into the office 3x counts as a day of work. This week looks light. I'm only scheduled for 5 days. That could change.

Anyway, as a consequence of all this labor, I've not been updating either of my blogs, not taking any photos, not cooking any meals, not making the bed, and being a grump to live with. (Just ask Zelda who hasn't been allowed to sleep in the bed in DAYS. Call the RSPCA!) I'm tired and confused.

And, it doesn't help when I find myself confronted with things like this:

From Singles 2009

Yes. I paid money for this calendar. Fortunately, Sunday is ALSO March 1st (turn page).

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