Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Do you remember "The Jerk"? Steve Martin's character has left home. "I'm somebody! I'm somebody!" he exclaims. His name is in the telephone book.

Well, that is sort of the way I felt this morning. I was supposed to be doing my exercise but instead I was surfing the web. Every once in a while I do an odd search and this morning I was looking for photographs from home. "Versailles, Ohio".

For such a little place there are a surprising number of images. Lots of photos from an "old schools" project. Photographs of Brown's "Sweet Shop". Photographs of Ultimate Frisbee players enjoying "Poultry Days".

Then, I stumbled upon this. A short film included in the Los Angeles Comedy Festival including Fred Willard (!) called "Versailles".
Trapped by fate in the dismal nightmare that is Versailles Ohio, hopelessly damaged siblings Colin Tickler (David Hunt) and Summer Tickler-Hoogerhyde (Eve Gordon) are making a last ditch attempt at celebrity with a public access sports talk show financed by Summer's devoted husband Hoyt (Fred Willard).

Part talk-show, part commercial for Hoyt's sporting goods store, their weekly show "You're In Sports" is a comic Apocalypse Now, a journey up the river of human despair that starts sick and just gets sicker. Having finally landed a regional sports celebrity guest, Eddie Leeper, star left fielder for the Central Ohio Eagles, delays force them to take on local badminton legend Robert Sprague (Tom McGowan), deal with a love triangle and confront childhood demons in the form of a sock puppet named Honeybump.

That would be MY Versailles!!!!

Somehow, I must see this! I'm thinking this evening I should contact the film's director or the Comedy Festival Czar and suggest that they REALLY need to screen the film next year at Poultry Days.

My guess is that they would come away disappointed with all the comedy they missed by not doing their homework first!

Now, if you haven't done it yet, go watch the trailer. !! Go! Now!!

And, if you have never been to Versailles, you might want to know that this wasn't filmed there. We don't have pull in parking. We aren't NEARLY as big as this mythical town.

But, still....... WE'RE SOMEBODY!!!!!!

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