Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Memory

I am more of an "Off the Wall" sort of gal. Sure, "Thriller" had the cool-o video and Vincent Price. But, still. Nothing beats "Don't Stop til you Get Enough", "Off the Wall", and my favorite -

"You Got To Feel That Heat
And We Can Ride The Boogie
Share That Beat Of Love "

Do you know how certain memories- even though they are really not obviously significant events at the time, or even now - are etched deeply? When I hear this tune I'm 18 years old, driving in Fritz the Wondercar with my friend, Sandy. We're on State Route 41 and driving just outside of Covington. It is late afternoon and we're headed to the Springfield Mall. It is December and Michael Jackson is on the radio.

"There's A Magic That Must Be Love
Just Take It Slow
'Cause We Got So Far To Go"

1979. We are freshmen in college and we've completed our first quarter. It is almost Christmas. We're going to Springfield where we, for some reason, will leave the mall and drive into the city to a department store. There, we'll travel to the upper-most floor, the toy department, and for the first time ever I'll get my picture taken with Santa Claus. I take the photo and I send it off to my first true love.

"When You Feel That Heat
And We're Gonna Ride The Boogie
Share That Beat Of Love "

It's funny how Michael Jackson has made such a comeback in my life in the last couple of years: the dancing Phillipino prisoners, the GOMA lip-sync exhibit, and, of course, as patron saint of our "new" car. Even though they were all a bit silly, listening to the music was always fun. A cool breeze from my youth.

Rest in peace, Michael. Thank you for the music.

"And When The Groove Is Dead And Gone (Yeah)
You Know That Love Survives
So We Can Rock Forever, On "

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