Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chip crimes

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In Queensland it will soon be required that all new pets are microchipped. This means that despite the fact that we've all been implanting microchips since time began, (well, sort of) we have to be instructed, evaluated, and certified. I did all this yesterday, as well as get lost.

So, all this talk about microchipping (and doing of microchipping) stimulated me to find out what I needed to do to register Zelda's chip in Australia. I figure (reckon) that no one is going to call either Avid or Home Again in the US if they find her wandering the streets of Brisbane. (And, even if they did, I am no longer residing in either Fayetteville, NC or Cleveland, OH!) I contacted the Australian Animal Registry and got the necessary paperwork.

Step 2 fill in paperwork including reporting her chip number.

So, I took her with me to work on Saturday evening to read her chip.

Zelda has....shhhhhhh....two chips.

I know. I know. I know. I know. That is ILLEGAL in Queensland - maybe ALL of Australia.

The problem was that I had given her a Home Again chip but when the time came to immigrate to Australia, she was required to have an Avid chip. So, she has two.

Neither of which scans.

Now, the dilemma. What do I do? Another illegal (illegaler?) chip??? Try to dig out old chips?? (How would you find them if you can't locate them with a scanner?)

Supposedly there are multiple format chip readers out there and maybe one of those would read one (or more) of Zelda's chips. My plan is to visit a couple of other clinics this weekend to see if anyone can read her- including animal control. But still, what if one of them will? What is the chance that this is the place she gets taken to when she needs to be reunited?????

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