Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One upping in the neighborhood

There is some sort of odd competition developing in our neighborhood. It started in January while Kevin was gone. Our across-the-street neighbor placed a cash register on their mailbox. (See below. Of course! I took a picture.)
From Singles 2009

It didn't last long. A few days. I wondered if maybe they had had a yard sale - one of those invisible sign free yard sales - that I had somehow missed. It could happen. I work odd hours.
From Singles 2009

Then a few weeks later, their next-door neighbor put this up on their mailbox. For days I honestly crept past it trying to get a good look. I was initially convinced it was a Virginia opossum - but later when I got a good look at the plant depicted decided I was wrong. Marsupials. They all look alike.

And, that's the way its been around here - until last weekend.

From Singles 2009

The pressure is on! I can only see one response...
From Our mailbox

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