Monday, June 22, 2009

My last week...

From Singles 2009

For the past 6 months repeated blood counts have come up short on neutrophils - those white cells with the mulilobular nuclei that fight infection. My doctor has measured my folate and checked for anti-nuclear antibodies and... and I'm fine. Now, I have an appointment with a hematologist. (Actually, a doctor like a hematologist but with an extra "a" in his title.) So, it may be my last week of being normal, of being healthy. Next week, or the week after, I might have a label or a disease. My best option is that I have some sort of idiopathic neutropenia - but I'll only score that after they test me for everything under the sun and come up empty handed.

We've had a cocker spaniel in the clinic lately. She has the opposite problem. She has too many neutrophils. Way too many. While she should have 12 (x 10 to the ninth) or less, at last count she had 64 (x10 to the ninth.) In speaking with her owner I advised a bone marrow biopsy. She "didn't want to put her through that. It would be too painful" to which I replied that I certainly hoped not as there was one looming in my future.

People generally ask if I'm worried. And, so far I'm not.

I'm fine. I feel fine.

Well, the ways I don't feel fine have nothing to do with neutrophils, I believe. Like, my left wrist hurts if I bend it all the way back. And, my right foot just fell asleep.

But, maybe I should be doing something different these days. Maybe I should be doing something that celebrates being healthy and normal. Maybe I should be walking the dog or eating more ice cream. Maybe I'll be looking back on this week with regret or nostalgia.

What do you do on your last week...

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