Friday, August 21, 2009

Blood letting

Friday. 21 August.

Forth sample taken. Two weeks down.

Today I had a different phlebotomist. A young man who asked me where my accent came from.

"The U.S."

"I knew it wasn't Canada. Let's see, not California."


"Not Texas"



"Come on. You've got 48 more guesses."

I asked him how he knew the difference between a Canadian accent and an American since I think it is very subtle and no one else seems to know.

He has a friend in California. And, he's learned that Americans and Canadians don't like each other.

I told him I didn't believe that. But, I admit here that I'm tired of people asking about my Canadian accent. Not that there is anything wrong with Canadians. I'm not racist. Some of my...

He told me he'd like to travel to the United States but he's afraid of all the people with guns. Then, he explained that if he did travel to the US the first thing he'd like to do was go to a gun store and BUY A GUN.

"Do you have to be an American? or can anyone buy a gun?"

"I have never tried to buy a gun. I don't know."

Well, he wanted to buy a gun and then take it to a shooting range and shoot it...and then sell the gun.

"I think you can probably just rent a gun from a shooting range," I told him.

"Yes, but then I wouldn't OWN one."

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