Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EKKA 2009

From Singles 2009

Saturday (Aug 7) Kevin and I braved the "flu del swine" to visit The Exposition. We must admit that a widespread fear of contagion adds a lot to our enjoyment of the experience. There weren't many people wearing face masks. (Were they the sick? the fearful? or the children of Michael Jackson?) Instead, there were a lot of people staying home. Walking the midway, seeing the exhibits, viewing the showbags - these were all much, much, much easier for us than we'd ever before encountered.

We found ourselves largely incapable of watching any big ring competition. Each time we made it to the grandstand some contest was just finishing up. Same was true for the canine obedience trials. We did, however, get to watch the honey bee show and the Pekingese and Longhair Weimaraner dogs conformation competition. (I didn't even KNOW there were Longhair Weimaraners!)

This year we spent much more time enjoying the midway...even staying late to see the lights come on. We did not, however, ride any of the rides, see any of the freak shows, or play any of the games.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I went a little crazy.

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