Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lost, Found, Lost...


This was actually the event that inspired my first Lost and Found post. Like so much else recently, that thought got lost - then found. I considered just amending the first post...but ultimately I've elected not to. (I know this comes as no surprise to you.)

Two weeks ago at our biweekly doctor's visit I was speaking with the receptionist and confirming that we would be attending class on Friday/Saturday and trying to tease out whether and what they'd be feeding me at 5 PM. (Nothing til after 6 - and then just nibblies. Huh? Who do they think they're working with?? Not impressed with the gap between theory and practice in Australian medical dietetics.) Anyway, the conversation went something like this....

"Oh, yes, Ann. I was trying to reach you yesterday. I called several times. I spoke with your father."

"What? Wait. I don't think so."

"Maybe there's another Ann," as she shuffled through her notes.

"My father's been dead for several years. I'd be really interested if you've been speaking with him."

Well, damn. There WAS another Ann and once again, I'd lost my father.

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