Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seeking understanding - knowledge of Italian may be helpful

Zelda- \"gulag girl\"

This morning needing to find a photo online of my father to post with my most recent "Lost and Found" post, I went to my little visited photobucket account. Because I'm intrigued by such things, I looked at the stats for that account. As I often find, my photo of Zelda in quarantine was one of my most viewed photos. (In today's case, it was THE most viewed photo - with 156 views in the last week. The next most viewed - 6 views.) But, what's odd is that all these views were not generated by people trolling on photobucket or being referred by blogger, but they came from an Italian blog. This blog is covered with the "hammer and sickle", often bloody, symbol of communism as well as skulls, and Holocaust victims and the like. (Kevin helped me with Google Translate so I'm relieved to know this political page is at least anti-totalitarian rather than pro.)

But, why Zelda? I flipped through every page of the blog without seeing her sweet little face. At this time my only reasonable guess - because while she might learn Italian and how to type, she could never reach the keyboard- we're careful about keeping chairs pushed in around here - so the guess - it must have something to do with the title I'd given that photo: "Gulag Girl". (I've changed that now.)

Let it be known I meant no disrespect for any person who has been incarcerated, tortured, or killed. The photo was taken while she was "jailed" in quarantine in Sydney. She had shelter and food and was well cared for there. But, a concrete run is pretty bleak and does not match what I want for her, for dogs, for people - warmth and love and freedom with their family and friends. I hope the many people looking at her photo - however that is happening - recognize that she's a much loved pet and her sad face stirs something warm and loving deep within them.

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