Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost, Found...

From Singles 2011
Recently, I've been finding lost things. Not everything I've lost, mind you. My waist is still missing and my feet - though I can tip over to see them and I can attest to their continued support - they're still mostly gone. But, I've found both my sunglasses - missing for a month or more in my desk drawer and, last night, Kevin found my reading glasses - missing for 2 or 3 novels - in HIS office. What sort of kinky things do you think he's getting up to at 1 AM??? Something that goes with purple-y frames, OBVIOUSLY.

Some things, I've learned you don't know are lost until they are found. That would be Monday's "finding" of my #2 algae eater - perfectly formed and perfectly dried and perfectly stuck to the kitchen floor. It is easy to miss these guys - but I never considered them lost - just lip sucking something deep and dark in the aquarium. But this... was it suicide? How, exactly, does a fish that seems to have minimal propulsive abilities but strong adhesive ones fling himself from an aquarium? That leaves the more probable explanation to be....murder. Have my sweet molly babies somehow found a way to fling a fish who was as big as their combined weights through the air, over the inward facing lip of the tank, and onto the floor? And, if not them, then the guilty party must be ME. I cleaned the tank thoroughly the day before pulling out a few plants and the filters. Perhaps, dear sucker was attached to something and plunged without my awareness to the ground? But, if this happened, why did it take me almost 24 hours to see him? And, why didn't Zelda, ahem, eat him before this??

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