Thursday, December 22, 2011

An open letter to Ryan Murphy

This is an open letter to Ryan Murphy. It is open for two reasons.

First, I'm not sure I could send a "closed" letter that would reach Ryan Murphy. Maybe. I could probably find a studio address and take a chance. But

Two. Would he read it? He is no more likely to read an open letter - but at least if it is open, SOMEBODY might read it. And, given six degrees of Kevin Bacon, maybe the thought will get into his head.

Also, it doesn't really matter. The deed is done.

So, here goes.

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I am not a "hater". Really. I've tried hard to like Glee. I've actually tried to LOVE "Glee". I can't claim to have succeeded spectacularly, but I did enter the "Boost Juice" contest here in Australia to win a trip to watch a filming. This involved writing a very short essay declaring my affection. So, you see, I'm on the record as a supporter.

But, let's talk about that Christmas show.

Wow! Was that bad! Meager plot, an ugly and excessive exaggeration of Rachel's petty materialism, a mean portrayal of the club's self-absorption, and poor Damien McGinty! I've given up any idea that I'll understand what he's mumbling, but the kid can sing. Give him something. "Blue Christmas" was awful. The entire club just sat there looking like they were bored and pained listening to him. It should have been a song that would pull heart strings for both his peers and the audiance. It should have been this:

I can't listen to this song without a tear, particularly when I am away from home at Christmas, which happens way too often.

Wishing you a year of inspiration! (Oh, and maybe next year a holiday reunion might be planned, in which case you need this.)


Oh, and if you are part of my chain to Ryan Murphy, please pass along the Dan Fogelberg suggestion.

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